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Ver Poets - Simon Bowden Poetry group based in St Albans

I am the press officer of Ver Poets, a group of writers and listeners which generally meets on the third Friday of every month at St Michael's church hall, St Michael's Street, St Albans. 8 - 10 pm.
We host readings, open mics and other events and run several competitions throughout the year. Our open competition has big cash prizes and attracts top writers from all over Britain. So the judging of the Ver Poets Open by a famous national poet is one of the highlights of our year.
We also hold regular workshops in members' homes where you can meet fellow poets - and sharpen up your skills. Writers bring several copies of each poem to be critiqued - so that everyone in the group can see a copy and give precise feedback based on the text. This process can really improve your awareness of what your words mean to other people.
We publish a newsletter for members and there's a free critique service for new members when they join. Membership costs £18 a year.
Find us on the Ver Poets website and on Facebook. Check our programme on the website!

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St Michael's Church Hall

St Michael's Street
St Albans

(opposite the Roman Museum)


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