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Clay Workshop with Sarah Core Ceramics

Clay Workshop with Sarah Core Ceramics

Clay Workshop with Sarah Core.

This is an opportunity to relax and find calm in a non-judgemental space, through guided clay activities, with Sarah Core. 40 minutes guided making clay activities in a Zoom meeting.

No experience of clay or mindful making necessary, but if you have some please bring that too!

1kg of air dry clay will be dispatched in advance of the class (please allow 5 working days for delivery prior to the class). The focus will be on your personal connection with the material rather than technique as the technical outcome is less important than the process in this instance.

This process will allow participants to slow down and relax through the process of working with clay, providing an opportunity to connect with themselves through the material and to others in the group to share their experience. Sarah has worked with ceramics for nearly 10 years, studying at Central St Martins College of Art and Design. She specialises in the unique capacity for clay to make us feel positive about our own creativity.

This activity forms part of the Southern Maltings July Festival Calendar celebrating the arts and health and wellbeing in the community.

Our festival is all about making people aware of fun and exciting things to do – be it live sessions, links to activities to try or packs to download.

This event is part of the Southern Maltings contribution to Hertfordshire’s Year of Culture (July theme of Cultural Olympiad), as well as being our own reaction to the unavoidable loss of this years Ware Festival and it’s associated activities.

Please enjoy what we have arranged as it is all free (or very heavily subsidised) and all the tutors/teachers have donated their time for which we truly appreciate.

If you like what we have to offer, come and visit us and our lovely tutors when we’re allowed to re-open soon.

Southern Maltings is the trading name of Ware Arts Centre Limited and is a registered charity (Registered charity no. 276998). All events are run by volunteers and proceeds go towards developing the Southern Maltings into an amazing creative arts centre which will enable us to put on a wider and more frequent range of events and activities for the whole community.

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