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Flower in the gravel

Flower in the gravel

I have COVID at the moment. In the early hours of the second day I woke up filled with panic and having problems breathing. Luckily as a counsellor I knew what to do. I breathed in slowly through my nose to a count of four and out through my mouth for a count of six. Sometimes it takes a while to work and it was a good 10 to 15 minutes before my panic began to subside.

But my heart was stil beating too fast and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep. I thought perhaps I should try some meditation but couldn't focus my thoughts until I remembered the image below I had photgraphed a few days before.

The little flower had moved me as It was very beautiful and managing to survive in harsh conditions, little or no soil or nutrients and surrounded by gravel. I kept the image in mind looking at very detail of the flower over and over again until I began to feel better and eventually was able to go back to sleep again.

I would be really interested to hear if this works for anybody else.


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