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Jane Glynn:

Jane Glynn:

Jane has a BA in Fine Art, as well as an MA in Children’s Book Illustration. She has fifteen years experience of working on creative projects for children in schools and other venues and is also a trained forest school practitioner. She currently offers projects in bookmaking, forest art, drawing and animation, tailored to each school.


Book projects: children (and their teachers) learn how to make simple, sewn, bound books – this can be adapted for children of any age and for any topic and usually involves some painting, drawing, sewing, gluing and writing: eg diaries, notebooks, sketchbooks, story books. Each child ends up with a completed book, as well as the skills to make more.

Forest art projects: children learn how to create art using natural materials. This can take place in any outdoor area – additional materials are provided as necessary.

Day of Drawing:
Using a wide variety of drawing media, including: charcoal, soft pencils, collage children develop expertise in using line, tone and form to create drawings from life, imagination and memory. Each aspect of the session is based on a linked theme and, as part of the project, the children create a beautiful folder to keep their drawings in.

Colour mixing and animation:
Children explore a wide range of mediums to mix colours, including: paint, coloured pencils and waxed paper/light. Each aspect of the session is based on a linked theme (eg triangles) and the children devise and create a stop motion animation of the paper/light colour mixing section.
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