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Royal Opera House Matinee Tickets for Schools - £7.50 each

Royal Opera House Matinee Tickets for Schools - £7.50 each

What are The Taylor Family Foundation Schools’ Matinees?

Every year the Schools’ Matinees programme gives teachers the opportunity to bring their students, aged 8-18, to special matinee performances of six of the season’s Royal Opera House productions.
As an incredible opportunity to introduce young people to the world-class ballet and opera produced by the Royal Opera House, our Schools’ Matinees are hugely popular and reach over 10,000 school children from across the UK each year.
All of our Schools’ Matinees can be used to support KS2, KS3 and KS4 english, art and design, PE, drama and music curriculum, as well as Further Education studies.

How much are tickets?

Tickets are just £7.50 each for both students and teachers.
Royal Opera House tickets are not VAT applicable

How does ticketing work?

Completing the Schools’ Matinee online application form:

is an expression of your school’s interest in attending a performance and is not a confirmed booking. Attendance, therefore, is not guaranteed as we will allocate tickets based on a set of criteria, which include type of school, frequency of previous attendance, success rate of former applications from your school, and location; with priority given to first-time attendees and state schools outside London.

All schools will be contacted with confirmation of success or refusal of allocation within a month of the application deadline. It is at this point that payment will be requested if your school has been allocated tickets.

Can I get help with my school’s travel costs?
If you are a state school outside London we may be able to assist you with your travel costs with a travel grant from The Taylor Family Foundation, which you can apply for at the same time as applying for your tickets.

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