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SandPit Theatre Auditorium

SandPit Theatre Auditorium

The SandPit Theatre is a small professional venue seating up to 266 people that is suitable for almost any performance. From music recitals and gig nights to large scale musicals and dance shows, we can facilitate them all.

Situated within the campus of Sandringham School, The SandPit Theatre thrives on providing a performance space for the school and the wider community at a reasonable cost. We believe that people use the performing arts for a multitude of reasons from a genuine passion to just building confidence and meeting new people. This is why we try and ensure there will be something happening or an opportunity at The SandPit Theatre for everyone.

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SandPit Theatre Auditorium

The SandPit Theatre
The Ridgeway
St Albans

Telephone: 01727 799 565

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