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Trestle Half Masks: Promotional Film

As one of the leading Mask Theatre Companies in the world, Trestle's half masks and accompanying workshops are the culmination of many years of work in storytelling with a focus on physicality and visual theatre.

“This collection of Trestle Masks is a welcome addition to the Company’s existing collection. Trestle’s workshops are a brilliant example of how to engage with, and aid the development of children and young people aspiring to move into theatre.” - Helen Lax, Regional Director, Arts Council, East.

Trestle’s Creative Director Helen Barnett says: “Trestle Masks are handcrafted at Trestle Arts Base in St Albans and sent around the world. The half masks offer an exciting starting point for devising physical performance. They are highly effective for developing skills in physicality and vocal agility for all ages.”

This Student video demonstrates the versatility of Trestle half masks as an excellent starting point for devising.

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