I am a Watford based artist specialising in Character Design, Emotions and Portraiture.

Arts and crafts have always been in my blood. My ancestors were goldsmiths, railroad workers and blacksmiths. My father and his brothers were diamond cutters and signmakers. My dad showed me how to draw from a young age. At school I was the quite boy drawing in the corner, at home, my brother and I were consumed by cartoons and dads handy work. Since then, I have been focusing on my creativity and experimenting with a range of different mediums and techniques in order to express myself. In 2010 I attained my 2:1 in BA (Hons) 2D Digital Animation from The University of Hertfordshire. I specialised in Character Design and communicating emotions through anthropomorphic characters.

I have pursued art in my academia and also outside of it. Since I graduated I decided to venture out into various other fields of art including: gallery work, internships, facilitating art in mental health care, voluntary commissions for charities, promotional work, teaching art and freelancing to assist creative professionals. Wherever I have been, I have incorporated my art into helping others.

Since 2015 I have developed many chronic ailments which have presented many challenges. However I am learning to live with them. I am using a management strategy which includes creating new projects not only as personal therapy but also to help and inspire others...

Check out my artwork on my personal website and social media and feel free to contact me:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vijay-Panchal-Fine-Artist-587598531426287/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vijaypanchalfineartist/
LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/in/vijay-panchal-888b01125
Herts Visual arts: https://www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/vijay-panchal-fine-artist

View my website https://vijaypanchal.weebly.com/

My Location

Vijay Panchal

132 Whippendell Road,
WD18 7ND

Telephone: 07841 958 382
Email: vijaymanharlalpanchal@gmail.com
Website: https://vijaypanchal.weebly.com/

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