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Bushey Museum's 'The Lady in White' acquisition

Bushey Museum's 'The Lady in White' acquisition

The Museum is delighted to announce the acquisition of this unique Herkomer painting. Almost all of Herkomer's portraits were of men, but in 1885 he produced this portrait of Miss Katherine Grant which is known as 'The Lady in White'. It was exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, causing a sensation for its finish and delicacy.
He founded the Herkomer Art School in Bushey in 1883 and ran it until 1904. During those years, the School had more than 500 students, many of whom, such as Lucy Kemp-Welch and Algernon Talmage, went on to achieve distinction. Herkomer was a noted portrait painter, particularly of prominent men, a Royal Academician, a local philanthropist, a car enthusiast and an early movie film maker at his Bushey film studios.

For more information visit https://busheymuseum.org/the-lady-in-white/

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