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Creative Hertfordshire / News / Wed 25 Aug 2021

Ideas for Academic Research Funding wanted

Ideas for Academic Research Funding wanted

Does anyone know someone or some organisation that would be interested in the inclusive social research proposed below. Admittedly, this would definitely help me, but perhaps some mutually beneficial agreement could present a win for all involved.

My research question is:

How can the euphoric "instant community" feeling that arises during Caribbean Carnivals be recreated in art exhibitions to trigger compassionate action from the audience?

The research is born out of my need to make our world a more loving compassionate place for all. The project will result in a research-based art exhibition that taps into the rituals and mechanisms of T&T Carnival (especially) and Caribbean Carnivals (in general) to elevate intersectional voices and provide agency and career opportunities for creatives from traditionally marginalised groups, particularly those with Caribbean heritage.

Do you know anyone or any organisation who would be interested in this research and might want to sponsor me?

If you can help, please email Stacey Leigh-Ross at:

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