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Dakini Leathercraft

Dakini Leathercraft Its all about the Leather

... and you!

I work with various types of leather to ensure you finish with the design and style you want.

Most of my work is on a commission basis, but I do enjoy thinking of new designs and styles.

I have a facebook page, why not pop along and "like" me...

I also have a website, listed below.

You can find me in the rural surroundings of Hazeldene Farm in Chesham. Tucked away in the studio which is withing the grade listed barn.

I also organise a monthly craft and food market - 1st Sunday of the Month, at the farm, so if you make wonderful things, why not become a trader. Or else have a great day out, have a bite to eat at the cafe, visit the animals, make a purchase for dinner at the Farm Shop, or maybe even spend a few pennies at my studio,which is also a shop space.

Look forward to meeting you!

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