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LIz Sergeant / News / Sat 14 Feb 2015

New Installation by Liz Sergeant in 'The Old Curiosity Box'

New Installation by Liz Sergeant in 'The Old Curiosity Box'

A new artwork has been specially created for ‘The Old Curiosity Box", a tiny pop-up gallery in a decommissioned telephone box in Northaw. The installation, by Hertfordshire artist Liz Sergeant, was inspired by telephone cables and wires. The network of criss-crossing silver threads form a shimmering pattern inside the historic telephone box. “I wanted to play with the idea of communication and connection,” explained Liz, “ and create a reminder of how important the telephone box used to be in connecting us, before wireless communication and fibre optic cables.”
Janice Randall, the curator of the unusual gallery, is delighted that the box is housing a site-specific installation during the coming month. “The Old Curiosity Box has become a talking point for people in the village and Liz’s work fits the space really well. The wires catch the light and draw people in.”
“Please hold the line (while we try to connect you)” is being exhibited in The Old Curiosity Box on Northaw Road West, Potters Bar, (opposite the Two Brewers pub) until 15th March 2015.

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