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Rosanna Mckenna / News / Tue 14 Mar 2023

Mapping Broxbourne

Mapping Broxbourne


My Name is Rosanna and I will soon returning from 2 years away from Broxbourne after becoming a mother and moving with my parents to Wales.( Thats a whole story in its self)

I am both developing my creative practice, alongside a body of creative research informed by Broxbourne Boroughs cultural landscape and working to fund a digital map of Broxbourne.

After an unsuccessful arts council applications in April and multiple attempts to find funding within the borough, which inevitably is sparse at this time, I will be running a Kick starter campaign and would love the help of the arts community to spread the news.

Has anyone run a campaign for a creative project? or could you give advice/support?
(I have little to no funding at present)

My friends are making a short intro film on little money do you know where I could approach for funding to support them?

Looking for any interested parties to make contact with at this time if your interested in supporting /sharing information /joining an email list of supporters.

Do you know organizations who could contribute pledge funds?

any info is welcome!

Info of the project below.

What is Mapping Broxbourne?

Mapping Broxbourne is a project inspired by the formation of broxbourne creative Partnership and a mapping workshop that I ran with them at the start of 2020. I've been developing my practice alongside the development of a digital interactive map of the Borough of Broxbournes, arts cultural and community spaces.

With the intention of Creating a visual map that offers a route in to further conversation around what ‘Arts and Culture’ are in our Borough and provides a space to connect the networks and communities that reside here.

Mapping Broxbourne aims to:

Develop an interactive map of Broxbourne Boroughs Arts & Cultural Spaces
Be informed by conversation and physical mapping with local communities
Become a tool to enhance engagment in Arts, cultural and community development

Why now?
There is a lack of connection between groups, spaces, creative individuals and the local community in the 7 towns across broxbourne borough which can sometimes feel disconnected from the activity and vibrancy of the smaller communities which reside within and across broxbourne.

There can be a sense that as a community we don't have any exsisting cultural infrastructure, but thats not the case. there may be a need for new ideas and new creations, but we need to acknowledge what exsists to understand what is needed.

The hope is for the map to become a tool for community conversation and collaboration. To begin to unravel a visible presence and conversation around arts and cross-community development here. To support links between local groups, projects and creatives. With the possibility of informing wider practice and discussion around places least engaged or seen as least engaged in the arts.

Grateful for your time and space to read and contribute ideas at this time.

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