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From 20th May 2024
with Sheila de Rosa MA MSDC

This is an Eco-Friendly print technique where leaves, petals, heat and water are used to make images that connect with nature.

Participants will have the courtyard garden to select leaves, flowers and plants for this technique, or you can bring plants and flowers from your own garden to make the work more personal.
You will be taught how to create beautiful Eco Prints using easy methods and materials readily available to everyone.

This is an easy and satisfying way to explore plant dyes and shapes, and their infinite variety.

COURSE A. Length of course – 2 hours (collect natural ingredients, assemble the bundles and put on to boil; this takes 1.5hours, therefore finished work can be collected at a later date. Cost £45

COURSE B. Length of course – 4 hours. (collect natural ingredients, assemble the bundles and put on to boil. Whilst the first bundle is boiled, a second bundle will be assembled and put on to boil – this second boil will be ready for collection at later date. Cost £60

Please ring Sheila on 07821177685 or email on for more information

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