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Uniquely Knitted

Uniquely Knitted Custom-Made Hand-Knitted Hats, Scarves and Pets!

Suzanne Smith, owner and founder of Uniquely Knitted, was taught to knit by her late Mum when she was six years old. However, she didn't pick up her knitting needles again until the age of 37, when she was looking for a way to relax whilst recuperating after a period of ill health. Picking up a knitting magazine, she reminded herself how to knit by following the diagrams, and soon she had knit a couple of Christmas tree decorations. Suzanne's partner, Jamie, remarked that she could sell the decorations on a craft stall; somehow that idea snowballed and Uniquely Knitted was born.

Suzanne hand knits items that are custom-made, or in other words, unique (hence the name, "Uniquely Knitted"). Suzanne specializes in creating miniature, knitted versions of people's pets, but she also likes to knit personalized hats, scarves, accessories, home furnishings and even doggy jumpers! Having won an Aspire Award from The Guinness Partnership in July 2015 to help start up her business, Suzanne is is now looking forward to seeing it blossom.

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