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Eugenia Russell / News / Sun 20 Feb 2022

Honouring Keats

Honouring Keats

Dear Poetry Lover,

On the twenty-third day of February, I will be honouring the memory of one of my favourite Romantic poets, John Keats. I will be making time to read many of his poems and letters; revisit illustrations of his works and reflect on what others have said about his writing. I would be delighted if you would join me in honouring his memory by also reading at least one of his poems or letters during this anniversary of his death.

**I invite you to write to me with your thoughts on Keats.**

Please tell me what you love about Keats (and/or other Romantic poets), what is personal to you in his work as well as any recommendations you may have for what I could read or attempt to commit to memory. If you would like to participate, but would rather concentrate your letter on another Romantic poet that is fine too.

Thank you!

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