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Hertford Library and HALS Artist in Residence

Hertford Library and HALS Artist in Residence

We are excited to announce a full schedule for our Artist in residence at Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies and Hertford Library.

Laura Cordery will be using archive material to explore Hertfordshire's history, find fascinating local characters and bring local stories to life through art and design. As well as working on her own pieces she will be curating a collection of work made by participants and hosting interactive workshops. Find her workshops here -

Laura says: “It is very natural for me to make things in response to characters, objects, or collections. But my collaborative work as a theatre designer, my experience working in socially engaged theatre, and more recently setting up my arts organisation, Drawing Voices, has shaped my understanding of the power of co-creation.

We all create together to build community bonds, to understand ourselves and the people and spaces around us. We explore what it means to be human by making marks and by being in conversation.

In this residency, I am excited to blend my experience in theatre and museums with my practice in community engagement arts, to create experiences for a public audience to connect with history, place and objects within the archives. I hope through my time that participants and audiences can shape their own narrative in response to the material in the library, and connect in new ways.”

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