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Sheila de Rosa / News / Wed 08 Jul 2020



I am happy to say that I am participating in an Art Exhibition in the garden at Open Door Gallery, Berkhamsted.

As the name suggests, artists will show works that illustrate how important nature has been to them during lockdown - and the healing effect this has had on them and their work.

For my part, nature has had a very significant influence on me during lockdown.
Especially important and engrossing for me, has been making my own inks from whatever raw materials I have found in the nature all around my studio. It has been a bit like alchemy, finding out how to create inks and how strangely they behave when exposed to elements like sun and rain; and what amazing changes occur with the addition of acid or alkali.

Please do come and visit - if you'd like to attend the Private View between 6 - 7pm on Friday 17th July please email Angela Rossi on

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